Monday, March 30, 2015

"Counting Calories"--Useful Practice or Pointless Endeavor?

Today was the first time I have ever "counted calories," and I must say, it was a little depressing. I mean, I've never really been the kind of person who obsesses over whether I am following the serving size or if the calories I'm consuming are large in number or small. It's just not me. But regardless, I tried it today and I was surprised by the little things: that a glass of cranberry juice (16 oz glass) added up to 280 calories or that the serving size for raisins (1/4 cup) accounted for 120 calories. Naturally I had more than just cranberry juice and raisins for lunch, but I think you get the point. So now I pose the question: just how important is it to "count calories"? Is it a necessity for someone who isn't trying to lose weight? But honestly, if you have a little extra time on your hands one day soon, try counting your calories; you may be as surprised as I was.

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