Monday, May 25, 2015

Escaping the Rut

I seem to have fallen into a rut lately. Blame it on the night studying for exams, prepping for a new job, summer.... It really doesn't matter what caused it; what does matter is how to get out of it. So, how do you get out of a hole that was so insidious that you never saw it forming beneath your feet? 

Allow me to explain what happens to me when I 'fall into a rut.' 

  1. I feel tired and restless.
  2. I don't want to work out.
  3. My insecurities creep up on me tenfold.
  4. Eating becomes an afterthought. I don't eat too little or too much, but find myself feeling sluggish as if anything in my stomach is weighing me down [weird, I know].
  5. My emotions either are out of hand or nonexistent.
  6. Overall, I feel terrible.

Here's the main problem with these [excuse the term] symptoms: if I feel bad, feel tired, don't feel like working out, then I don't do anything. When I don't do anything, I feel worse. It's a cycle, and a very bad one if I don't break out of it. So back to the question I posed earlier: how do I fix it?

Exercising is honestly the best remedy for everything almost anything you can think of [if you're realistic]. I am not a health professional, but from personal experience, I can attest to the fact that exercising during the day gives you a better night's sleep, a healthier appetite, a better view of yourself, a more balanced emotional state, and a more positive outlook on life. So why have I not exercised 'lately'? Refer to symptom #2. So working out is the answer (for me anyway) and yet one of the problems is that I don't want to. How do you make yourself motivate yourself to work out? 

  1. Use a little fitness inspiration. I've cautioned against overusing Pinterest and other sources of "fitspo" but a little isn't so bad.
  2. Buy put on workout gear. I strike through 'buy' because while discussing this topic with my sister, she made the valid point that she certainly wouldn't buy workout clothes that she doesn't feel like wearing. Put them on and get to it, as she would say.
  3. Set goals/deadlines and use a reward system. You should work out for the ultimate goal of being healthy, but at the same time, treating yourself to something special after a rigorous workout session isn't a terrible idea.
  4. Get outside. Toss around a baseball, jump rope, chase some birds, just do something to get your heart pumping and your sebaceous glands secreting!
  5. Do a little soul searching. Figure out what started your slump and try to work through it or get past it. Sometimes it just takes a little time to heal your wounds, whatever they may be. But in the meantime, try to stay healthy.
I'll definitely be using some of these techniques. It's good to also use your support system as well [my sister in times like these bears the majority of my complaints and insecurities, and she does it mostly like a champ]. Sending love from the hole I'm climbing out of! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day and enjoying the ever-approaching summer.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Fit Versus Skinny: The Battle of Societal Pressures

This isn't a completely uncovered topic on here, but I often come back to it. I mean, all you have to do is take a look around at our society. Let me ask you something however: What are the benefits of being fit? I chatter about "living a fit and healthy lifestyle" without truly discussing how why it's important, and that's an oversight on my part. Hopefully I can remedy that now. First, let's discuss the benefits of being skinny.
Benefits? You say, staring at your computer/tablet/cell phone. What benefits?
1. Typically you look pretty good in clothes. Out of clothes? Let's not talk about that.
2. Your grocery bill isn't very large.
3. You feel accomplished that while others have to "work" at maintaining a slim physique, you do it without much fuss.
4. While others agonize over being "too fat," you can relax knowing you'll never be one of those girls.
Societal pressures have given birth to concepts like the one above.

Lies. Particularly #4. This is coming from personal experience, but I feel pretty confident in saying that if you are or ever have been someone who has to stay skinny, you're never satisfied. Oh, you're a size four? Too fat, you're taking up too much space. Size two? Um, hello, zero is the new size two. This line of thinking is not healthy. I do not, do not, support this thinking.

Let's talk about the benefits of being fit.
1. You typically look great in clothes, but out of clothes? Major bonus!
2. Your grocery bill usually is bigger (healthy food isn't cheap), but your body will thank you.
3. You feel accomplished every time you look in the mirror. You remember where you started, see where you are, and set goals of where you want to be.
4. Being "too fat" isn't really a concern. Being healthy, feeling and sleeping well, staying positive, and wondering whether you can increase your reps by ten today are your main concerns.

I have been a "skinny girl," and I am working hard to become a "fit girl." One of the greatest benefits of adopting a fit and healthy lifestyle is looking feeling amazing. Believe me, my confidence took a major boost as well.  I have slept better, had more energy, and been much happier in the last few months than I ever have been before. I hope everyone is feeling great! I'm sending much love to you all.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

To Have [or Not to Have]: Thigh Gap

Can we just take a second and discuss the infamous "thigh gap"? The obsession and disgust for a thigh gap is nearly equally present in today's society; you see such negative posts as

This compilation of negative posts does a pretty good job of illustrating my point. For a lot of people, achieving a "thigh gap" is not as simple as a few plie squats-- so many think that they must skip meals and lose weight. It isn't healthy to starve yourself, no matter how you paint it to yourself, your friends, or to the world. If you're truly hung up on having a thigh gap, focus on slimming down in a healthy way. Work out, eat well, and if you end up with an overall healthy body with a little gap between your thighs, then great for you. But if you don't, don't be discouraged! A thigh gap doesn't make or break you in any way. Smile at your thighs, whether they touch or whether they don't. If your body, mind, and spirit are healthy, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Now, on the flip-side... For the people who are completely disgusted with the idea of a "thigh gap," try to keep an open mind. I agree that obsessing over having a thigh gap is unhealthy, but just because someone does have a little thigh gap doesn't mean they are unhealthy. I work out, I eat as well as I possibly can, and with the way I am made, I have a "thigh gap." My [twin] sister also has a thigh gap. I can promise you that a "thigh gap" does not make you disgusting or un-sexy, whether you have one or you don't.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sometimes It's Best Not to "Model" Yourself After Others

Okay, I may be opening a can of worms with this post, but this has been on my mind lately. I follow a lot of models and various fashion icons on Instagram... I adore the fashion world. Anyway, I came across an unfamiliar pretty face and started following her... Romee Strijd. Now, don't get me wrong, I think Romee is gorgeous, but...

It's not her extreme slenderness that bothers me. It's the reaction people have to her... On Instagram, I've read comments such as "I need to stop eating ice cream" and "Body goals!" and other such things. Again, this post is not meant to slam her or anyone else. But at the same time, her body shape is not a realistic "body goal" (in my opinion), and it frightens me to think of the ways people may try in order to make themselves look like her. Upon googling her measurements, I found that she is 31-23-33 and 5'10". She is so, so narrow and believe me, to go from virtually any weight to a weight needed to look like her is not only unrealistic but unhealthy. And again, these are my opinions and you are more than welcome to disagree. Regardless, this is where I stand: please do not base how you would like to look on girls like this. Again, she is beautiful and I am not saying anything against her, but she is unique, as are each of you, and as a unique, beautiful human being, please please be realistic about yourself and don't get hung up on looking like her. You can be healthy and fantastic and you. I truly hope I haven't offended anyone, but I needed to get it off my chest. Thank you for stopping by and as always, I hope you are all feeling amazing and having a great week.

Saturday, May 2, 2015


I realize that my muscle is not terribly impressive.... But that's kind of the point, isn't it? It's more than I had yesterday and less than I'll have tomorrow. Progress-- whether small or huge-- is something to embrace whole-heartily and nothing to be scoffed at.