Sunday, May 17, 2015

To Have [or Not to Have]: Thigh Gap

Can we just take a second and discuss the infamous "thigh gap"? The obsession and disgust for a thigh gap is nearly equally present in today's society; you see such negative posts as

This compilation of negative posts does a pretty good job of illustrating my point. For a lot of people, achieving a "thigh gap" is not as simple as a few plie squats-- so many think that they must skip meals and lose weight. It isn't healthy to starve yourself, no matter how you paint it to yourself, your friends, or to the world. If you're truly hung up on having a thigh gap, focus on slimming down in a healthy way. Work out, eat well, and if you end up with an overall healthy body with a little gap between your thighs, then great for you. But if you don't, don't be discouraged! A thigh gap doesn't make or break you in any way. Smile at your thighs, whether they touch or whether they don't. If your body, mind, and spirit are healthy, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Now, on the flip-side... For the people who are completely disgusted with the idea of a "thigh gap," try to keep an open mind. I agree that obsessing over having a thigh gap is unhealthy, but just because someone does have a little thigh gap doesn't mean they are unhealthy. I work out, I eat as well as I possibly can, and with the way I am made, I have a "thigh gap." My [twin] sister also has a thigh gap. I can promise you that a "thigh gap" does not make you disgusting or un-sexy, whether you have one or you don't.

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