Saturday, April 11, 2015

Beautiful Mind

I've talked a lot about keeping the body healthy. However, keeping your mind healthy is just as important, if not more important. Because, while you only get one body, you also will only ever be you (unless you've got a multi-personality disorder or something). I digress. So, how do you keep your mind healthy? I am someone who has to feel sharp-- it's just who I am. When I'm sluggish or feeling "off," it really bothers me. The number one thing that I rely heavily on (besides for coffee) is sleep. If I get less than six hours of sleep, I'm an absolute mess. And, as I'm sure I've said before, sleep sometimes isn't a priority with college. Regardless, I have no energy without much sleep, my brain feels like it's in shock, and I typically feel down. If you're someone who doesn't get much sleep and spend a lot of time feeling the way I just described, you may want to look into something to help. I'm not a doctor (obviously), but from personal experience, my personality actually changed with more sleep. I have found yoga to be an excellent way of clearing my mind before bed and a cleanser for any bad energy I may be feeling. Another thing that (I think) is conducive to a healthy mind is eating healthy. As I'm not an over-eater by any stretch of the imagination, I can only talk from the perspective of an under-eater. I don't talk a lot about some of my past bad habits, but I will always speak out against any form of an eating disorder. So anyway, if I didn't eat much food, I would get these awful migraines. I felt tired and "off" a lot of the time, and I always had trouble with awful moods creeping up on me. Since I've started eating properly and focusing on a fit and healthy lifestyle, I rarely get headaches, my thoughts are quicker and more "sharp," and I sleep better. In all honesty, I feel like a different person. Still, like I've also said before, I still have days where I struggle, but I have come a long way from the person I used to be. However, the focus of this post and this blog is not to chart my recovery (I really don't like that term) from my past bad habits but to focus on the present and future, and hopefully help you in some way, too. If you have a few minutes, please leave a comment on how you keep your mind healthy. I absolutely love hearing about other people's thoughts and opinions! I hope you all have a very beautiful Saturday and enjoy the weekend.

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